About Us

We are A05 Annex, a second year, FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) team in Hood River, Oregon! We are fundraising to go to compete at FIRST Robotics Competition Worlds, in Houston, Texas on April 17-20. It is the most prestigious competition of the year, and the most expensive.

Out of all the FIRST programs, FRC is the largest, the most complex, and the most real world. Jeff Blackman, our leader, and founder of the HRVHS Robotics program encouraged us to start an FRC team last year. Our first year, we had 11 members--competing against teams with upwards 20 to 30 students--Blackman was confident of our abilities. We were the right people to start the new team, and we felt ready for the challenge.

Despite our small team, we made it all the way to FRC Worlds. It was a week-long competition hosted in Houston for teams from all over the world. At the end of the competition, we made it to the semi-finals of our division.

We competed well and learned a lot from the experience. We went into this year focused on being more organized, starting the season of building and fundraising sooner. We also felt that we would benefit from more diversity on our team, so we spent the fall recruiting top-level talent from FTC teams, more girls, and more people of color.

This season, we wanted to build a robot that would work adequately in competitions while also learning other valuable talents and skills that would help in post-secondary education and beyond. The season is almost over, and we are proud to say we are going to be competing at FRC Worlds for the second year in a row. Our hard work and effort is paying off this year.

Our biggest goal this year was to make robotics accessible to everybody who wants to participate. Last year was primarily funded by parents. If we want to be a team that is inclusive and gives everyone an equal opportunity, we need to take away that financial barrier. It would mean so much to us if you would be willing to help in any way you can to send us to FRC Worlds. Every dollar you are willing to donate will help create an environment where every student can participate in robotics and be sent to Worlds.

About Our Name

A05 is the classroom for the robotics curriculum at Hood River Valley High School. Members of the robotics class wanted to create an FRC team. Our biggest issue quickly became build space. Sharing a small classroom with multiple FTC teams just wasn't feasible. Our FRC team found a fenced off area in the corner of the school filled with junk. Nobody wanted the area, so we annexed it, cleaned it, and made it ours- which is where the "Annex" in "A05 Annex" comes from.